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Hi, my name is Joseph Haas, and first I would like to thank you for reading my comic and visiting my site. Without your help I have no chance at success. I love to draw, I love to create, and I love super heroes. Even in school I would find myself using my notebook more for drawing cartoons than note taking. Thus in a 9nth grade geometry class JH Comics was first born, with my first super hero comics written in pencil on loose leaf paper. I have come along way since those adventures, but now I want to share the universe of heroes in my mind with the world and I want you to join in. I want to bring my comics universe to life and I need help from readers like you. But more than just reading, I want you to have a hand in building this world. Have you ever had ideas for characers, heroes, villians or storylines? Then write them up draw them out and let me know, submit them to the fan fiction page and if let the world see them. The best Ideas might just find a place in the JH COMICS universe. I want to create a fun comics universe, full of adventure, creativity, and where the readers input counts! Thank you for your time, and I hope you continue to read JH Comics and maybe one day with your help we can be as big as DC or Marvel!

  Joseph Haas  
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