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Beacon/Charles Dran
One of Earths legendary defense team the Guardians, Charles Dran is the first to step up and fight for whats right. Not always the smartest or the strongest, Dran follows his gut and his heart.
First meeting Charles Dran in a fight against Crosswire, Aaron is no stranger to battling supervillians. He has the heart to be a hero, but his bravery is sometimes lacking.
Always up for adventure, Takeo is the most eager to get the new team of Guardians rolling. Ready to jump into any situation he isn't afraid to give out orders in a tough situation.
While not the most enthusiastic on when approached with the idea of a new team of heroes, Miranda is quickly becoming an asset to the team. Able to view a situation and come up with a solution, as well as more athletic than some of her teamates.
The suprise member of the team, Jake's hard exterior and being known as somewhat of a bully at school, he doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of the team. But Charles saw something in him or atleast his brute strength.
Always looking to help others, Stephon is the brains of the team. Not particularly thrilled to have Jake on the team, he is willing to look past their history.
Eron Thames
The spirit of a Guardian from the past, Eron Thames is helping Beacon, rebuild the Guardians and fix his powers
Robert Crawford
The leader of Guardian team A6-B, Crawford is a tactical mastermind who knows his teams strengths and weaknesses. A no-nonsense leader he makes sure his team wins every time.
Ed Tharn
Tharn is quite possibly one of the strongest members of the Guardians. He is ready to fight and would rather smash through an obstacle than figure out a way around it.
Scott Jarens
Scott is the brains of team A6-B, when theres a problem that needs solving or a computer that needs programming Jarens is the man for the job.
Jeremy Hicks
Jeremy Hicks is a wild card; intellegent, strategic and powerful, Hicks is a key member of the team, but at times can be reckless and overconfident. He is jealous of Robert Crawford and wants to be the leader of the team.
Enhanced strength and weaponry, Patrick Swargas is a genius in his own right. Designing and building his own army of "Enerdrones" Crosswire feels that his superior intellegence makes him the perfect candidate to rule humanity.
Ultra Violent
Armed with the ability to fire energy waves from his hands. Ray U. Vee leads a small team of super criminals that mostly take involve themselves in burgularies and theft instead of world domination.

Silver Bullet
Not truly "fast" Sal VerBullit is more agile. While he can't travel great distances at high speeds he can zip around quickly in short bursts, fast enough to sometimes see multiple of him at once.

Dead Bolt
Donning some homemade armor, enhanced with a bit of stolen tech. Mack T. Roque can fire kinetic energy pulses.
First Appearance-- Beacon #5

First Appearance-- Beacon #5
Officer West
A member of the local police force, Officer West is willing to lend a hand when he can in training the new team of Guardians
Ralph Rocque
Once a Geology proffessor, Ralph is now out of a job due to the University cutting the Geology Department. However, he's still more than willing to help Beacon with research on Amplifistone.


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